Tweeting through the Blackout

News of the day, chronicles of a time

  • Big London defence try-out

    The Govt. has urged Londoners to stay on high alert as the enemy is always looking for fresh ways to cause damage to the city. No wonder, a Big London defence try-out is planned.

  • Banned from platforms

    Many London stations are banning people from entering the platforms during the Blackout, unless they are ticket holders. This is a bid to control crime and misbehaviour in the stations.

  • Girl from Sandhurst Road school comes out of hospital

    Rosie, the pretty, blue-eyed girl, looks like an angel when she walks up to you, her long blonde hair flying behind her. But in reality she has been through hell. She's one of the survivors of the ghastly bombing of Sandhurst Road School, Catford on 20th January 1943.

  • A long journey back home

    Four thousand three hundred British soldiers, prisoners of the Germans, are safely out of Germany on their way home. The next port they reach will be in Blighty. Every one has a story; we cannot give them all but here is one, about a sergeant-major.