Tweeting through the Blackout

The story behind the stories

The idea

It all started with a conversation about families. Someone mentioned her grandmother went to 20 different schools as an evacuee. We talked about our grandparents and wondered what their everyday life must have been like… then we headed home and tweeted about the evening. And so we had a thought - what if people back then had the same power of communication as we do today? What if they could share their daily life moment by moment?

The aim

Most of us know about WWII through books and films. This project aims to show the human face behind the facts. We understand that in reality most communication channels at that time were strictly controlled, civilians were ordered to ‘keep mum’. But the project is simply a vision, an attempt to comprehend the realities of life in such extraordinary times. It is based on real events that took place in the three weeks between 20th October 1943 to 11th November 1943.

Get in touch

Network 43 is a not-for-profit project whose sole aim is social awareness. If you wish to get in touch with us or wish to share any personal stories about the Home Front email us at [email protected]